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I am Jason, the founder of Bragafvl, and I would like to welcome you to our little corner of the web. The goal of this site is to allow you to interact with our projects as they develop.

Variety of controller boards
Variety of controller boards

It is a very exciting time for makers and creators. There are a wide array of electronic controller that are easy to obtain and well documented. The same can be said of the sensors, motors, lights, etc, that connect to them and make the controllers useful. Depending on size, processing grunt, input/output needs, likely there is an “off the shelf” controller board for your project. The above photo is a small sample from my collection.

The Open Source movement has also given us creatives access to a ton of great software. Most of the software needed to program and run the controllers is freely available. Also there are ton of examples of how to do things out there. This means that instead of needing thousands of dollars to license libraries, SDKs and compilers, you can download them and read the APIs online. This means that if you are willing to invest the time, you can do just about anything you can dream of.

Even the non Open Source software is more powerful and cheaper to use. When I first started using CAD software in the 90’s it would again be several hundred or thousand dollars to use (my father did some drafting out of the house, so it was on the family PC). Now you can use Fusion 360 for free until you are making several hundred thousand a year. This lets you use the design and simulation functionality for your start up or as a hobby without a huge up front cost.

With the popularity and availability of 3D printers, even the manufacturing of prototypes has become cost effective. While top end printers will cost several thousand dollars, you can realistically get into hand built machine for about $300 USD. It will need some time and effort to get modded to produce good prints, but once you have a robust machine, you can print custom parts on the cheap.

Here at Bragafvl, we are working on a handful of projects related to the AR/VR fields. We plan on using this space as an open diary of our projects. We also want to help others to get their ideas out. So we will offer our services for you to utilize.

We want to hear your feed back, comments, and thoughts. We also hope to inspire others to get out there and work on making their own new things.

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